Complete Corporate Car Rental Solution

Easygocabs, a reputable car rental company, owns and operates a fleet of recent vehicles. Unlike other car aggregators, we provide a spread of mid-size, economical and luxury models to suit everyone's needs. Our chauffeur car rental service is provided by our experienced, well-groomed, uniformed, courteous, and trained drivers, who have helped to determine Easygocabs as a trusted name within the car rental industry.

Easygocabs' corporate rental program is devoted to providing top-notch service to its corporate clients. Our decades of experience serving top corporations and VIPs give us a plus over our competitors because we've learned the way to satisfy our customers by providing them with dependable, efficient, and cost-effective car rental solutions for his or her fleet management, employee transportation, the long-term car rental for his or her executives, spot rental for unplanned needs, and serving their important guests with fresh, well-maintained vehicles.

Easygocabs informs its corporate customers about the way to offer their employees the foremost efficient and dear solution for working. We will come up with the simplest options due to our extensive experience with this.


We supply our company customers with the simplest fleet solution consistent with their needs. Easygocabs offers cost-effective, flexible, and competitive choices for its partners that best suit them. We also provide car rentals for intercity travel with safe and experienced drivers.



Years of experience have given us local expertise in providing complete end-to-end solutions for employee transportation from home to work and back. We will provide the foremost appropriate options thanks to our large fleet of varied models of cars and minivans.



We offer long-term flexible and affordable solutions for mini, sedan & luxury car rentals with excellent service. Special offers are available for Directors or Employees of the businesses who come for a brief duration to India. Choose monthly car rental for hassle-free professional service.


We transport your guests a la mode from the airport to the town or from their hotel to the airport in luxury cars and SUVs with our uniformed and experienced drivers who are smart and well-mannered, leaving an enduring impression. We will also provide airport meet and greet services.


Our Corporate Clients

Corporate car rental

Prayagraj Power Generation Company Ltd. (PPGCL)

Corporate vehicle

UP State Bridge Corporation Ltd (UPSBC Ltd)

Corporate & monthly rental service

Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA)

Corporate car rental

V Inspirer Facility Mgt. Pvt. Ltd. (For Dail 112 Employee)

Corporate car rental

China Railway Signal & Communication Co. Ltd.

Corporate car rental

National Thermal Power Corporation Limited

Corporate car rental

Genzyme Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate car rental

Indian Oil-Adani Gas Pvt. Ltd.

Employee Transportation with Easygocabs car rental Service

Assume that each one of your company's employees arrives on time every day. During their office commutes, they are completely free of transportation, safety, and inconvenience concerns. With our customized daily commute transportation management, we solve the matter of your employees' commute stress and ensure they reach the office fresh and energetic.

There are alternative ways to travel, for instance, between various staff grades and their travel distance- Personnel vehicles for workers (Working under our employee pickup management system)

Why Easygocabs for daily employee transportation?

Concentrate on why the Easygocabs commute solutions are required. Because the results and problems are follow-ups when your employee faces the daily challenge of traveling:

-Daily travel of approximately 15 miles may reduce physically active employees who are predisposed to obesity and unhealthy tails.

-False posture balance during switching increases pain in the neck and back.

-Even a 10-mile stressful journey can raise your employees' vital signs – a long distance is associated with a high level of subjective health issues that must be considered. -Unplanned traffic increases pollution exposure.

Travel not only affects staff but also interferes with your business. Some common consequences are also faced by your company due to wrong management or no travel management:-


Workdays missed: False travel or conveyance is already known to cause discomfort and stress for each employee. Some employees may be forced to leave abruptly due to health issues or the desire to avoid long-distance travel.

Solution: entertainment and planning of routes with wake-up calls, time notification, media, and a motivating environment are all necessary.


Hiring Difficulties : According to a Clutch survey, nearly 39 percent - 49 percent of employees want to work close to their homes. With the report, businesses have a tough time finding good employees who have an extended commute to work.

Solution: Make a public announcement that the company provides commuter services. However, whether or not the half, partial, or whole cost of their commute is deducted from their pay is up for debate.


A high rate of attrition: According to another survey, roughly 1/4 of workers quit their employment thanks to an extended commute. As a result, if your employees must travel a long distance to work, it may increase turnover rates in your company without anyone realizing it.

The solution: pleasant surprises on the way to work, appropriate music in the vehicle, and enjoyable activities along the way, all while maintaining a seamless and personalized experience.


Error Rates Have Increased: Employees are less focused after an extended and stressful commute. As a result, taking an extended time to get to the figure can increase your employees' error rates.

Solution: While commuting, plan traffic-free geofencing routes. Morning meetings/briefings can also be done on a traveler’s television to save lots of time. (For long-distance commuters)


Low productivity and income loss: Especially in the morning, stressed employees are unable to do 100% of their jobs. An unexplained difficulty in monitoring employee productivity can also be reduced by disease safety caused by commutes. During such long journeys, your organization may eventually lose its revenue.

Solution: All four-point solutions. We'll keep an eye out for anything. Speak with one of our experts to get a customized daily employee transportation service for everywhere in India. Now is the time to book it!


Monthly Basis Cab & Taxi Hiring Services

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we are undoubtedly living in unfavorable circumstances. Every day, we learn from various sources that it's unsafe to steer outside. It is also true that taking transportation system nowadays is way too dangerous.

Although it's strongly recommended that we occupy the home, we may have to travel outside for critical necessities or travel for private reasons. Due to a spread of things, car rental is the best, safest, and most cost-effective alternative for you. If you would like a mode of transportation during these trying times, consider a monthly car rental option.

Would you wish to rent a low-cost monthly car?

Monthly rent is typically less expensive, and a credit check isn't required. The budget makes it simple to rent a car monthly. Ideal for vacations or business projects. In short, Whether you're traveling on an extended journey or your car is out of commission, it's helpful to you, you've got more freedom, flexibility, and savings when it involves monthly car rental.

Reserve a monthly car rental from a reputable company with locations everywhere in India. Enjoy the convenience of low monthly car rental rates. Monthly car rentals differ from leases therein you'll rent by the month without making any long-term commitments.

We have additional discounts during the COVID-19. Because of COVID 19, Easygocabs is providing discounts to help you during these unprecedented times. The largest benefit is that if you rent a car for an extended period of your time, Easygocabs will usually offer you a pleasant discount on the monthly rental charge. In most cases, it's progressive, meaning that the longer the contract time, the extra money you save. You can rent a car for one to many months at a time with a monthly car rental, and you'll extend the contract as required.

Renting Economy Cars for Corporate Needs at Reasonable Prices

We rent Luxury and Economy Cars for Corporate Needs at Res. We understand the reasonable Price difficulty of arranging for a driver. We try to keep all pressure to a minimum in our chauffeur-driven cabs so that you can concentrate solely on your work.

Our reputable driver-driven cab services meet the needs of every corporate client. We are one of the most reputable corporate car rental companies in Gurgaon. Every day, we work harder to ensure that our rides are completely enjoyable. A good selection of car models is kept, with every type of need in mind. The car that will come to pick you up will undoubtedly be in excellent condition. We maintain all of our vehicles on a regular basis, keeping them in good working order to avoid any unpleasant situations.

We go to great lengths to understand our customers' requirements. So, rise to the occasion and tune in with our customer service team. They will almost certainly lead you to exactly what you're looking for with us.


Accessible rates – We offer highly affordable rates for company rental cars. In this way, with our fares, you will save a great deal on business travel.

Customers can reserve us online at any time as we offer support services around the clock. If the car has any problems, customers can always contact us.

Because we are responsible for your safety, we make sure that the drivers we hire have a lot of experience. We have an outstanding verified driver network that ensures safe and comfortable car driving. We never compromise on their knowledge of road safety or driving abilities. Each company's employee safety could also be a top priority. We're committed to assisting travel managers and corporations in fulfilling their responsibility of looking after their employees once they arrive on the road, thanks to our customer-first approach, infrastructure, and financial stability.

Our well-trained and experienced driver will ensure that you arrive at your destination on time. Often because the safest & shortest routes and road networks are the familiarities of all drivers. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction with our car rental services.

Now is the time to book!

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taxi Service, car rental, cab booking, airport, Corporate travel agency


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taxi Service, car rental, cab booking, airport, Corporate travel agency


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